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I offer workshops in a variety of settings (women's groups, running clubs, fitness centers, private businesses, corporations, etc...). Workshops are tailored to the audience and focus on setting and achieving goals, time management, cultivating motivation, and health improvement {mind and body}. Ready to set up the perfect workshop for your audience?

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In-person workshop: Meal Planning and Meal Prep Made Easy at The Bird & Bear Collective (Holliston, MA), Wed Oct 19 , 2022

Virtual workshop: Goal Setting & Goal Getting, Sunday Jan 8, 2023 (FREE, register here)

In-person workshop: Create Time in Your Day for What Matters Most to You (The Bird & Bear Collective, Holliston, MA),

Saturday, March 11 @ 9:30 AM.

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"Tracey, thank you SO much for presenting to our staff- we have received a WONDERFUL response. So many people have shared that they can really use these tools and strategies in their everyday lives. We are so grateful that you shared your wisdom and look forward to having you back again."

Emily J


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