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Foggy Waters




I'm Tracey Smith and I help busy Moms make time for themselves (in between taking care of everyone else) so they can finally get their health back and feel better.


In addition to being a Certified Life Coach, I am also a nutrition expert (PhD, Registered Dietitian, and Assistant Professor) and fitness expert (former Division 1 collegiate athlete, Certified Exercise Physiologist and personal trainer).

My passion, and purpose, is helping women live their best life and I bring all of my collective expertise and experiences into my coaching practice.


Like you, I have a lot going on!

Moving at warp speed in different directions, trying to fit it all in, making (or agonizing over) a million decisions each day, and not taking enough time to rest and "smell the roses", left me feeling stressed, overwhelmed & guilty. And, this impacted my health.

But, I learned how to create more time in my day for what matters to me and feel aligned with my priorities. I practice strategies to tame the perfectionism, the "all or nothing" thinking, the people pleasing and the other thoughts that keep us spinning our wheels, not moving forward and that suck some of the joy out of our life.

My two favorite things to help Moms with are making space in their day for what matters most to them and up-leveling their health so they FEEL BETTER.

Let me show you how!

Follow me on socials and schedule a {free} session today! 

"With a combination of compassion and clarity, Tracey guides me to see when to celebrate a win and when to push myself out of my comfort zone. She helps me to set a clear path forward, while gently probing the 'whys' being my thoughts, so that I can make confident and well-informed decisions along the way. She's the best!"

Karen K

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