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Five game changing strategies to make confident decisions {and save time and energy in the process}!

My doctor is retiring and it’s time to find a new one.

I scoured the lists from my insurance company, looked at websites, checked online reviews, consulted with friends/acquaintances/colleagues, called to see who was taking new patients, etc…

There were lots of options, but I was stuck in “analysis paralysis”.

Fear was at the route of it. Fear that I wouldn’t find the “right” doctor for me- one who would listen, wasn’t dismissive, and was well versed in women’s health {“things” just don’t work the way they used to ;-}.

I felt safer sitting in confusion and indecision rather than taking a risk and moving forward.

Here’s the thing: I’m usually efficient when it comes to making decisions. I teach clients how to do this ALL THE TIME.

But this one threw me for a loop.

Once I realized what I was doing, I cut through the BS and got down to business.

I picked one, made an appointment and reminded myself that I can ALWAYS change to another doc if I’m not satisfied.

Truth: we face decisions EVERY single day, MULTIPLE times per day, ranging from the mundane (e.g., what are we having for dinner?) to the more complex (e.g., what support do I need to find for my child who is struggling with anxiety?).

If you’re getting stuck in a cycle of overthinking, self-doubt, and indecision, here are five ways to make confident decisions {and save time and energy in the process}.

1. Define the Decision: Get clear on the decision you need to make. Identify the problem {or opportunity}, and establish your “end goal”. The more specific and well-defined your decision is, the easier it’ll be to evaluate options and make a choice.

2. Gather the information. Do your research but set a deadline so you’re not endlessly gathering information. Conduct research online, speak with experts in the field (if relevant), and consider seeking advice from others you trust. Select only what is relevant to the decision you need to make right now to avoid information overload.

3. Evaluate your options: Narrow down your options/solutions to the top two or three. Consider the pros and cons against your predefined goal. Visualize the outcome of your decision from the perspective of your future self. Picture yourself having made the decision, and imagine the positive impact it will have on your life.

4. Make the Decision: Once you have evaluated your options, it's time to make a decision! Trust your analysis, intuition, and judgment. Don’t waste time delaying the decision. There is no “perfect” decision, and a “good” decision made swiftly will save a ton of time and mental energy, our most precious assets.

5. Take action: Once you’ve made a decision, create a plan of action and take the first step forward. You don’t need to have ALL the answers, just the first few steps. Trust in your ability to figure out the rest as you move forward.

Bonus: Assess what’s going well and what isn’t. Make adjustments as needed. There are no wrong decisions, only stepping stones to keep you moving forward.

Making decisions are an inherent part of everyday life, especially for moms, and it’s totally normal to feel confused and overwhelmed.

BUT, we can save a ton of time and energy by not indulging in confusion and engaging in the process: define the decision, gather the information, evaluate the options, make the decision, and take action.

Like any skill, making decisions with ease and efficiency takes practice! Start by making minor decisions quickly and decisively, and you’ll find that your confidence and trust in yourself will grow and you’ll be less hesitant, even when you’re faced with higher stakes decisions.

Remember that nothing is permanent and you can always make a change down the road.

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