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All or something: the key to breaking free of the 'all or nothing' trap

Summer is in full swing!


I LOVE this season. No wrangling kids at 6 AM to make the bus, the extra daylight, al frescodining, strolling around the neighborhood after dinner, lounging on our screened in porch, s’mores by the fire pit, summer baseball, beach days...there’s LOTS to be grateful for.   


But I’d be lying if I said the summer is all bliss.


Our routines are less consistent and predictable.


We’re managing work and kids…not the easiest task with middle and high schoolers that have aged out of most camps. And the camps that ARE available for my middle schooler tend to have drop off and pick up times that are NOT working parent friendly.


No matter your situation, you may find it more challenging to maintain routines in the summer.

This is especially true when it comes to taking care of ourselves, like exercising, feeding our bodies better, and getting ZZZZZs. Case in point, I’ve been going to bed later than usual, but that alarm is still going off for work at the crack o’ dawn 🥱.

When routines are inconsistent, we tend to fall into the "all or nothing" trap…

For example…skipping workouts lately? Why bother, I’ll just start again next week (or next month).

Our brain has us thinking that if we aren’t “all in”, then it's not worth doing at all. This is 100% normal- our human brain is weird like that.

But, this way of thinking typically results in far more “nothing” than “all”!

How can we get out of this “all or nothing” mindset that keeps up spinning our wheels and feeling crappy? 

Rule #1: Shift your mindset from “all or nothing” to “all or something”.

Stop trying to do everything at once and stop trying to do it all perfectly.

Consistency, not perfection, is how we nail our health goals…whether it’s getting stronger, leaner, more fit or simply feeling better physically AND mentally.

There is no such thing as “perfect” and chasing “perfect” is the fastest way to crash and burn. Ask me how I know!


This concept applies to ANY goal, but I’m offering some specific examples to help get you moving.


o   Meet yourself where you’re at with small, achievable actions, and gradually build upon them to maintain a sustainable routine. For example, if you want to get stronger, incorporate 15-20 minutes of strength training a couple of days a week, focusing on quality over quantity. Once you’re consistent with that routine, consider leveling up to three days a week.


o   Exercise “snacks” are a great way to stack movement throughout the day when it seems impossible to get in your “regular” workout. E.g., 5-10 minute chunks of strength exercises, yoga poses or walking throughout the day is far better than nothing. It all counts!


o   Here are some examples of my recent “exercise snacks”


-The other night, I went for a walk while I was waiting for my daughter to finish practice. Whether it’s 15-20 minutes at pick-up or a longer walk with another Mom, it’s an easy way to get in movement. Let’s be honest, we’re usually gabbing (or scrolling socials) while we’re waiting, so we might as well move while we’re at it!

-Laps around the building during my lunch break at work.

-Power cleaning a section of my house. I set the timer for 20 minutes, put in my Air pods and some good music, and went to town on my filthy kitchen.

-Pushups and a 5-minute core workout (dead bugs, straight arm planks, forearm planks, and side planks) while watching TV.

All or something” instead of “all or nothing”…the key to consistent progress no matter your goal.

For lots more tips and tricks, grab my free guide on nailing a consistent routine:


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